Schultz Collins, Inc. is an SEC-registered independent investment advisory firm headquartered in San Francisco, California with satellite offices in Washington, D.C. and Towson, MD. Our primary business is the supervision of portfolios for retirement plans, institutions, and individual investors, directly supervising or consulting on approximately $670 million in client assets (as of 9.30.14).

The three principals are Dale Schultz, Patrick Collins and Kristor Lawson, all of whom sit on the firm’s management and investment committees. We registered with the SEC as an investment advisor in 1994, then incorporated and began serving clients in January 1995. The principals and advisors average more than 25 years of investment and financial services experience.

Schultz Collins adheres rigorously to a fiduciary standard, and is nationally known for our expertise on fiduciary issues. We have testified before Congress on 401(k) fee disclosure issues. In addition, our advisors have consulted with various federal government agencies such as the SEC, DOL and GAO on how to improve fiduciary practices. Our advisors have also been appointed to the faculty of the American Law Institute’s Continuing Legal Education program, and have taught at the University of San Francisco and the Wharton School.

Fully owned by the principals, Schultz Collins serves as investment counsel for three general categories of clients: individual investors, retirement plan sponsors, and institutional investors (trusts, foundations, endowments, and corporate accounts).

Our Logo

Our logo reflects our methodology and principles in several significant ways.

First, the mark evokes origami, which is an exacting blend of geometry and art. The way we engineer solutions for clients likewise blends science and art. There are only so many ways to fold paper, but they can be combined to yield many intricate designs. Similarly, Schultz Collins combines a relatively small number of basic transactions (buy, sell, hold, transfer, reallocate) in precise ways to create solutions specific to each client’s risk preferences and reward requirements.

The alternating angles and folds of origami are a metaphor for how our advisors look at every aspect of a client’s financial picture. Intersecting folds create darker shades that emphasize our transparency, while the different vectors indicated by the mark represent our flexibility as we help clients navigate risk, market fluctuations, and their own evolving goals.

Perhaps most obviously, the mark can also be seen as a winding road. It starts at the bottom, signifying the start of a client’s relationship with us. As life goes on, and the road twists and turns, Schultz Collins stays with you, into your future. The widening of the road at the top signifies an expansive future with greater possibility, thanks to the guidance and counsel we have provided along the way.